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A Few Fashion Tips from the Cellulite Stars of Instagram

Posted: July 20 2017 | Post Categories: BlogSocial

We first tipped you off last year to the trend on Instagram of women proudly showing off their cellulite instead of covering it up or photo shopping it away. In an effort to help change her own attitude towards cellulite, and that of others, Kenzie Brenna began posting images of herself, with her cellulite front…

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Yoga! Yoga! Yoga! 3 Ways it ‘Liberates’ You from Cellulite

Posted: July 11 2017 | Post Categories: BlogCelluliteExercise

It’s taken 2,500 years, but finally science is catching up to what yoga practitioners have known for over two millennia: it works. New clinical studies and research emerges almost daily that offer scientific proof that yoga works for a variety of health issues. Like we said, if you practice yoga, you’ll know the health benefits…

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How to Fight Cellulite from Within

Posted: June 22 2017 | Post Categories: BlogCelluliteHealth

Thinking that, because it appears on your skin, you should try to tackle cellulite where you see it is probably the biggest mistake you can make in trying to reduce it. And just about all of us make that same mistake. It’s why you see so many ‘cellulite-busting’ creams, brushes and scrubs. But, although it…

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3 Easy-to-Adopt Habits that Help Stop Cellulite Before it Starts

Posted: June 13 2017 | Post Categories: BlogCellulite

Whether or not you’ve found ways to be more at ease about your cellulite, it doesn’t mean you have to give up trying to look your best. Fortunately, many of the things that help you reduce your cellulite also contribute to your overall health. But, instead of focusing on the ‘after-the-fact’ idea of improving cellulite’s…

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How to Spot the Fake News About Cellulite

Posted: June 07 2017 | Post Categories: BlogCelluliteMyths

Whenever he gets any bad media coverage, Donald Trump usually claims that it’s ‘fake news’. While that may be open to debate, there’s no denying that fake news exists, and nowhere more so than in the hype around getting ‘rid’ of cellulite. It could be argued that there is more fake news than real news…

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What it Means to Live with Your Cellulite but Not Love it

Posted: May 31 2017 | Post Categories: BlogCellulite

The recent efforts by celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Ashley Graham to promote a healthier body image and tackle body shaming by publicizing photos that plainly show their cellulite are to be applauded. The fact is that there is no single ‘normal’ for everyone and, if anything, it’s our unique differences that should be celebrated….

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Top 4 Ways to Reduce Cellulite

Posted: May 19 2017 | Post Categories: BlogCellulite

You might not know it, but you probably show symptoms of the following: Adiposis edematosa Dermopanniculosis deformans Status protrusus cutis Gynoid lipodystrophy Orange peel syndrome First, you can relax. You don’t have a bunch of crazy ailments. In fact, it’s the opposite. These are all different names for cellulite, which isn’t an ‘ailment’ or any…

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Does Kim Kardashian Have the Best Outlook on Cellulite?

Posted: May 10 2017 | Post Categories: BlogCelluliteSocial

She’s famous for two things. One, for being part of a famous family and social circle. Two, for her butt. Considering that’s all she’s had to work with, Kim Kardashian has done very well. It’s estimated that she made $52.5 million in 2015. She has tens of millions of followers on social media. “Keeping Up…

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One Simple Trick that Makes it Way Easier to Eat Healthier Meals

Posted: April 18 2017 | Post Categories: BlogCellulite

Let’s just skip all the reasoning and same old ‘how to fight cellulite’ advice. You love to eat. You love to eat a lot. And you really don’t want to change that part of your life, regardless of whether it’s ‘emotional’ eating, or you’re getting too many carbs, or your calories count is off the scale….

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